See What Our Great Patients Have to Say About Us

At my age I was kind of worried about getting braces. But coming in to Dr. Brents was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Everyone working there is wonderful and Dr. Brents is great. They gave me the option of Six-Month Smile and I am very pleased. From my very first visit to dr. Brents’ office I was very impressed with the staff and the office. The level of professionalism is awesome! My smile is fantastic and it makes me feel like a new person. I would recommend anyone interested in getting cosmetic dentistry to come and get a consultation. My newly aligned teeth are really cause for me to be grateful. – I thank you!

Rodney W.

When I was a little girl my parents took me to Dr. Brents and I have been going to only him since then, and now my husband as well. When I was about 17 I guess, I had a wreck coming home from work in Danville to Lancaster – it was raining and my brakes gave out – I had a cut on my head and my knee was banged up but my front tooth was chipped. When my mom and dad got to me I kept saying ‘I have to get my tooth fixed, I am not going to the hospital till my tooth was fixed!’ Momma called Dr. Brents’ home and told him what happened. He went in to the office and fixed my tooth. To this day, it is still perfect. if he only knew, I could never have thanked him enough! He and his wife, living in Paint Lick and attending Mt. Tabor Church, quickly became not only our family dentist, but family friends. My grandfather, Cecil Henderson, was the Dean for many years at Mt. Tabor. I want to thank you all for being the “perfect” dental office!”


I love what 6-month smile did for me! I now have so much more confidence when I smile.

Christine K.

Wow…wow…wow! What an amazing staff that seems to amaze me each time I have a visit at Dr. Brents office. They are so thoughtful, even when I am having a bad day. All I have to do is ask for prayers. The Lord has blessed me so much in the last month and a half with my bout with cancer and I know my prayers and your prayers have been answered. God Bless You and thanks for being so wonderful.

Wayne M.

My son, Wesley, and I would like to say “Thank You” for always being so kind to us, and for Dr. Brents’ extra show of generosity at our last appointment. We appreciate hearing K-Love radio over the intercom. We also appreciated the follow-up phone call we received after our appointment.

Maggie P.